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Dad (
twitter.com/RevDavidKetchen) was a Presbyterian pastor, so it is not uncommon for my dreams to be set in former church buildings or hybrids of former church buildings. In my last dream session, I had a weird one. The carpet throughout the church was ordinary, but there was a small patch in the narthex (lobby) that was Boba Fett carpet. Yes, you read that right. Out in the sanctuary, where the carpet was normal, I noticed an empty space in the carpet, so I went out to the narthex, cut out a piece of the Boba Fett carpet, and perfectly filled the carpet hole in the sanctuary with Boba Fett walking across some serene sci-fi landscape.

Then the dream got REALLY weird. One of the church elders showed up, and it was
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. Yeah, I told you my dreams are weird. He was incensed with Boba Fett carpet in the narthex and ripped it off the floor, yelling, "Do you know what this is?" And all I could think was, I hope he doesn't notice what I did in the sanctuary.

Jonathan Tad Ketchen (bitly.com/AllMyDreamsAreWeird)

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