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(In response to some messages I received
while working at Camp Pinnacle,
a Christian camp in upstate New York)
(Dedicated to Enya)

Your high and mighty wisdom
Captivates the hearts of fellow Christians.
Oh, how wise you are,
How indisputable your claims!
High atop the pinnacle of your mighty castle,
Your serfs and vassals below await your every cry.

I can hear you now.
“Stay away my friends from non-Christian music.
It will eat a hole in your soul.
Evil surrounds every word, every chord
Because the music is not dedicated to the Lord.”
In response to your musical wisdom,
I think you’ve played a bitter chord
In the ear of God, your Lord.
Each pitch is His creation.
Each word, each chord
Stands or falls at the call of Creator Lord, not at the call of men.
Music’s value rests in the Creator’s perfect wisdom,
Not in the hands of men below;
Yet, He lets them write and sing its lofty tones.

I don’t hear God speaking through your tumultuous words.*      
I hear in Enya’s new age, lofty tones
The whispering voice of Christ, my Lord.**            
Your words bring great confusion.
Enya’s God-given gift is soothing.

Music is not Christian or non-Christian.
Music doesn’t need a Saviour;
We do.

* 1 Kings 19:11-12
** 1 Kings 19:12-13

Tad’s Note: I told Dad (@RevDavidKetchen) about how the
preacher in one of Camp Pinnacle’s chapel services warned us
about how non-Christian music gave out subliminal messages.
Because of that, I told Dad I was thinking about getting rid of
all my secular music CDs, to which Dad wisely responded, “I
think that preacher was sending you subliminal messages.”
My poem (above) was the result.

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