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Watch my talent at bitly.com/RubiksBorgCube

Watch my talent at bitly.com/RubiksBorgCube

The most important thing to know in solving Rubik’s Cube is that you know what colour each side will be based on the centre cube. All the edge and corner cubes move all over the place, but the centre cubes just spin in place. Whatever colour the centre cubes are, you need to make the edge and corner cubes connect to the centre ones. Once that happens with ALL of them, the Cube is solved. But, along the way, you will get the cubes in the right place but then have to move them over and over again to get other cubes in the right place, and so on, and so on. I take this as a spiritual lesson. God may put you in the place you’re supposed to be and later move you somewhere else, not because you’ve done anything wrong, but because your temporary shift in location is to help someone else find their appointed place. And eventually, through all the topsy turvy of movement, everyone will finally be where they’re supposed to be.

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