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“The 2020s” by JTK.CA

“The 2020s” by JTK.CA

Wear a diaper on your face
To walk down your own hall,
Do your laundry,
Check your mail,
Take out your garbage.
“Oh for crying in a pail!” . . .
Sanitized, of course.

Order everything online
On your personal tracking device
From the comfort of your home confinement.
No need to go to the mall.
That’s a thing of the past,
Like horses and buggies —
This ain’t the 1920s.

Video conference with Grandma
Unless we already killed her.
Don’t complain;
Remember your social credit score.
Food is expensive.
Your bank is in your pocket,
But we’re the New World Order.
We track your pocket
And we can empty it for the slightest offence.
It’s for your own safety.

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