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LittleKuriboh - Health Update

I pray for your continued recovery and am glad to hear you’re on the mend. I have happily retired on Disability pensions for my bitly.com/SevereOCD which I’ve had my whole life. I just got tired of losing jobs over it, so I got the help I needed, with the pensions and other supports. Actually, I only became aware of you tonight when I decided to rewatch my #TheRiseOfSkywalker Blu-ray with the Descriptive Audio turned on. I just watched it with your voice-over throughout! You pointed out things we would otherwise not know. Also, you have an incredible voice-over voice. You sound like you could be Palpatine’s brother. ;) <3 I also love that you finally answered my question at the end. I was trying to figure out where Rey’s third lightsaber came from, and you cleared that up, that she had made it from her famous staff. Up until then, I was guessing it was Palpatine’s lightsaber which she took from the throne room after disintegrating her grandfather. I love that you cleared that up. Most people probably wouldn’t figure out that she made it herself out of her staff just as Luke made his green lightsaber in Return of the Jedi, Vader noting, “Your skills are complete.” — Tad ( http://JTK.CA ) NudistPoet.com

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