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“SENTI-MENTAL DREAMSCAPE” by Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)

Wow! I just woke up from an incredible dream, full of me choking up a few times and crying at profundities, seeing a simple roadside photo of a fence with wooden posts and barbed wire and tree branches poking through that formed the face of Jesus. I showed it to others. They couldn’t see Jesus’ face. They just saw the fence. But, in the dream, I had a hallucination of an old friend (Dean Cluett) from our years in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, and I showed it to him and he saw Jesus’ face in the branches. Music was throughout the dream. It always seeps in because I sleep to my fave iTunes tracks on Shuffle. While Serena Ryder was singing “Blown Like The Wind At Night” I professed that she’s on my Fantasy Wife list, telling that to another character in my dream. Bruce Cockburn was singing “Pangs Of Love,” with his lyrics, “I came so far around the world ... ” mixing with my fond memories of my childhood years on Cape Breton Island. From this dream filter, I was overwhelmed by the thought of how we all are fathered many times over temporally and geographically. Father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. The whole epic scale of the history of how we each individually came to be who we are — that whole epic scale overwhelmed me. I love my dreams. They’re always full of incredible detail. They were HD before there was HD. But this particular dream was jam-packed, and for a change, characters in the dream weren’t trying to kill me. — Jonathan Tad Ketchen

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