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"WORRY IS THE MONSTER (Dedicated to the Rev. Bob Smart)" :::: © Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

"WORRY IS THE MONSTER (Dedicated to the Rev. Bob Smart*)"
© Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

Don't make decisions in the depths of despair,
Or when you're half asleep.
Your choices may take on a dismal air
And ruin your happy and waking hours.

Downcast, you say, "I remember then."
I respond, "Don't worry,
And the time will come again."

Worry is the Monster
Guarding the City of Despair --
He welcomes you in
And tries to keep you there.
He serves a feast to the god of mistrust.
You eat until you're stuffed.
You ate it up,
And now, from inside,
It eats you up.

Welcome to
The lure of lies.
The Monster of Despair
Hugs you tight and cries with you,
While he keeps you imprisoned.

Get out of the city!
Run away and don't look back,
For if you look back,
You will go back --
That's the nature of a gaze.

Retreat is more honourable
Than surrender.

Just run,
Don't think,
Because you cannot think
When you're in the Liar's Lair.
He's the Monster of the City of Despair,
But you know him by another name;
Yes, he's Satan, the King of Lies,
The Angel of Pseudolight, playing another game.

The Real Light comes in,
And you see beside you
A face of true beauty.
He says, "I've been with you
All along, working to get through
The wall of worry you've built between us."

You respond, "That I've built?
The Monster of Despair
Built this city and its walls!"

Jesus says, "No,
This is a city of your own invention,
And Satan was only too glad to help.
Now, come again with me,
And walk life's roads
Without malice toward the truth
That you are mine.
You cannot escape my love.
I bought you back from the Monster
You had sold yourself to.
Feel my scars."

Committed to your safety
And His love for you,
He wounds the Monster of Despair,
Not with a sword,
But by showing him the nail-scarred hands.
Then, Jesus,
Committed to your safety
And His love for you,
Grasps your hand
And leads you from
The City of Your Own Invention.

As He holds your hand,
You feel a scar
That saved you from yourself.



I wrote "WORRY IS THE MONSTER" after hearing a powerful sermon by my friend, the Rev. Bob Smart -- a sermon on Giant Despair in John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress". I gave Bob a framed copy of "WORRY IS THE MONSTER" the next time I saw him, since he helped inspire the poem. He said he would cherish it.

Years ago, one of my readers wrote me to say how "WORRY IS THE MONSTER" was just the poem he needed to read. Many others have told me how blessed they have been by various poems of mine, which is why I look at my poetry as my ministry.

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