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Many people probably think I am a walking oxymoron when I call myself a Nudist Christian. I get in trouble in Christian circles because I am a Nudist; and I get in trouble in Nudist circles because I do NOT need Viagra.

I think nudist culture is hypocritical when it chants the mantra, "BODY ACCEPTANCE," over and over again, and then tells a man to cover up that hideous erection. In my view, erections should not need to be hidden. Erections are not behaviour. They simply happen, often spontaneously. Of course, you can engage in bad behaviour with an erection, but you can also engage in bad behaviour while breathing, but we don't ban breathing. There is a difference between simply "having" an erection and "playing with" an erection. Simply "having" an erection should be a non-issue in nudist culture, unless we want to take back our "BODY ACCEPTANCE" mantra, and tell a man who obviously doesn't need Viagra, "Put that hideous thing away!" Erections are NOT a threat.

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http://ClothesFree.com is truly a body acceptance site. I even read an article there that shared my frustration with nudism's erection prohibition. As far as I'm concerned, http://ClothesFree.com is the best nudism informational and educational site on the web!


  1. This is an interesting claim about erections. I think the problem is that erections are a sign of sexual stimulation and therefore reveal what the owner is thinking, as stimulation is entirely within the brain.

    Psycologists have shown that nakedness is not perceived as a threat unless we are taught to see it as such, but an erection is instinctively threatening or not depending on your relationship with its owner.

  2. Dear pro,

    You wrote, "but an erection is instinctively threatening or not depending on your relationship with its owner."

    Thanks. That's an interesting perspective I had not considered.

    Nakedly yours, as usual,