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In my poem, "CRYSTAL," I go back to childhood memories of our crystal chandelier in our dining room in Coxheath (Sydney), Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth, Sol Sector, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way, Universe. A window was perfectly situated so that the sunlight shining through our crystal chandelier would plaster our dining room walls and ceiling with rainbow splotches. I lived in Coxheath from ages 8 to 14 (from 1976 to 1982). It was a wonderful place to grow up. Unlike today, I knew many of my neighbours, and we played together in the un-busy street.


You sparkle like splashing rapids
You flash like a diamond
You are the bringer of rainbow dreams
Strewn across my walls

You give me hope for a brighter tomorrow
You mock my fears
And make me laugh at them too

You bring colour
You bring joy
You are crystal


Tad's Note: I also love the NELLY FURTADO song, "CHILDHOOD DREAMS," (http://bit.ly/NellyFurtado-ChildhoodDreams in which she sings, "I'm sliding on the rainbows of my childhood dreams"! It's from her album, "FOLKLORE" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folklore_(Nelly_Furtado_album)), which, in my opinion, as an entire album, is a sonic masterpiece!

Open the map to full screen and change to satellite view. Zoom into the MAXIMUM magnification on this map, and the SUN will be sitting directly on the roof of my childhood house in Coxheath. I still visit it often in my dreams.

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