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“Foolish Paper” by JTK.CA

Foolish Paper

(Written around 1990, when Canada still had the 2 dollar bill)

(JTK.CA) NudistPoet (NudeCreations.com)

Fumbling through a universe,
A desperate woman dropped her purse.

“How can a little piece of paper mean so much?
The world doesn’t revolve around it.”

“You’re right!” said the man at the theatre door.
“There’s a whole universe inside your purse.
But we can give you another movie ticket
For another seven dollars and fifty cents.”

The woman replied,
“So that’s two sheets of processed wood pulp, marked ‘5’ and ‘2,’
And two tiny metallic discs
For a little piece of paper
I would have paid for twice?”

“Correct!” said the ticket taker.

“Forget it!” she said,
as she turned leaving.
“I’ll search for some intelligent life
In this universe inside my purse.”

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