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"LOVE DIPTYCH" ("Love?" and "The Swan") ::: © JTK.CA

("Love?" and "The Swan")


"I miss you!" That's what my letter to you said.
But the truth is I can't get you out of my head!

Attractive situations
Lead to infatuations.

Hopeless addictions
Lead to painful afflictions.

"I love you." That's what I said to you,
What you said to me.
But what did you mean?

The Swan

Questions come and questions go;
Answers come to stay.
The wind blows loudly, to and fro;
The swan floats silent on the bay.


Escape like vapour into the sky.
Disappear as if never here.
And the art of Good-bye.

The swan floats silent on the bay.
The sunset golden water soon black;
Night fills the heart of the King of Birds.

Swim through vapour once called love.
Vapour love will rain on you again,
Then escape back into the liquid sky,
And tears of mist will live and die.

And the art of Good-bye.


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