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“HUMANS ARE THE WEIRDOS” ::: © Tad “JTK.CA” NudistPoet

“HUMANS ARE THE WEIRDOS” ::: © Tad “JTK.CA” NudistPoet

Of the millions of species on Earth, humans are the only ones who wear clothing and force others within our species to comply, whether they want to or not. Every other species on Earth is naked and has never even thought of the ridiculous concept of clothing or forcing others to wear it. Humans think they are the most intelligent species on Earth, but, in fact, humans are the most repressive species on Earth. NUDE is normal among all Earth’s species. Humans are the weirdos. REPEAL ALL ANTI-NUDITY LAWS. THE HUMAN SKIN IS NOT A SIN.

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a.k.a. Jonathan Tad Ketchen

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