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I saw a documentary on Howard Hughes's "SEVERE OCD," and it felt rather strange, since it was like they were describing me. We've shared a lot of the same disturbing symptoms. Bathing for me is torture, so it happens rarely. I can picture the one to two hours of OCD rituals it will involve, so I put it off into infinity. And, when I do "finally" give in, it's a half-hour of water, instead, because the soap would just complicate the showering process. Occasionally, I take a bubble bath, to help alleviate my tendency to over-use the soap, like I over-do everything that I do. My rational with the bubble bath is that I am "in" soap, in the hopes that it will control my need to over-soap. Another oddity is that I am more comfortable with showering at a nudist resort or event (surrounded by naked friends and strangers) than I am with showering alone at home. Needless to say, my bathing phobia is one major reason, I keep most of my social life online. I love one episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, in which Worf is asked if he wants to go swimming, to which he responds in a tone of disgust, "Swimming is too much like BATHING." Ironically, with my lack of bathing, I do wash my hands and forearms with moist towelettes around 20 times a day. Repeated hand-washings used to make my hands raw, but I've discovered moist towelettes are my solution. I probably wash my hands even more now than I did with soap and water; but it does not hurt my hands anymore. When I'm in the checkout at the grocery store, with my 16 cannisters of moist towellettes, I like to joke to the teller, "I keep the moist towelette industry in business." I've written extensively on my OCD at JTKdotCA.blogspot.ca/search?q=OCD. Now, if only I could figure out how to make millions of dollars with it, like Howard Hughes did. Then again, in many ways, the money ruined his life; so I'm content the way things are for me.

I'm a male nude model who is turning 50 later this month, and I have ablutophobia (fear of bathing). So, I am, literally, a #DirtyOldMan! 🤪💖

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