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In my sleep I had a vision
Of a nine-year-old boy lighting up a cigarette
And taking a puff.

He was nine, but more like ninety,
With his grizzled face and a blodshot eye.
His chin was split down the middle
And dangling in the smoky breeze.

I took him aside and said,
You know, you're only nine...
Not really old enough to make the decision to smoke.

He just looked back at my face
With the wisdom of a child,
But I was forty-two and clueless.

Now awake,
I realize what the child was looking at --
My smooth-yet-grizzled bottom lip.

Before I entered Dreamland,
The school of my spirt,
I had been sitting, watching TV,
While quite contentedly using my fingernails
To pick the skin off my bottom lip
Until its smoothness met with my satisfaction,
And then licking the blood off my fingers.

Nothing bugs me more than flaky-pie-crust bottom lip,
And nothing feels so good as picking it to smoothness.

I do it every couple of days,
And I've done it since I was a child.
The smoking child in my dream
Could see through his smoke,
Straight through, to my hypocrisy,
"How dare you lecture me,
With your smoothly torn bottom lip,
So smooth, yet, oddly, two shades of red.
How dare you lecture me on my disintegrating chin
And on my habit of smoking."

The child was wrong to smoke, but right about me.
We all have something we know is bad for us,
That we can't resist, because it feels so good...
Masochistic as that pleasure can be.
We learn the limits of our danger
And tell ourselves, we'll do it "safely."
But in the end, we all disintegrate in a grave
We brought upon ourselves.

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