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"YOU PROMISED ME THE MOON" ::: © JTK.CA (a.k.a. NudistPoet)

by JTK.CA (a.k.a. NudistPoet)

You promised me the moon,
Then took away my rocket.
You sang a lovely tune,
But now I'm paying out of pocket.

So much for anything
That ties me to this planet.
But now I'm stranded here,
With my map to the stars
Forever out of reach.

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Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)
(519) 780-1057 Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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TAD'S NOTE: This poem (above) was published in the premiere issue of "WHAT IF?" (Canada's Fiction Magazine for Teens). I was credited as Tad Ketchen, my middle and last names. Famous children's author Robert Munsch also had a poem published in the same issue, so now I've had the honour of being published with Robert Munsch. Cool! He and I both live in Guelph (pronounced "Gwelf"), Ontario, Canada, eh?


For all of my moon photographs, visit my
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