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Dear Earthlings,

Read about God's NAKED PROPHET in Isaiah 20
and consider the fact that Isaiah obeyed God by streaking for three years. If the prophet refused to be naked in public, that would have been sin. Think about it. The human body is not evil; viewing God's greatest masterpiece with a sense of shame is. Viewing the body with shame was a result of the fall of man, and like Adam we cover ourselves and condemn our bodies which God made and pronounced "very good," using them as scapegoats for the true condition of our hearts. God would rather have us naked and honest than clothed and fake. Clothing is fine as a protection from the weather, but it is useless as a spiritual bandage. I used to want a nudist world, but I'm mostly an indoor nudist, because I burn faster than toast. Now my hope is for a world that is clothing optional. To quote myself, "The human skin is not a sin."

As a Nudist Christian, I highly recommend http://Naturist-Christians.org and http://ClothesFree.com as both being the most in sync with my own Nudist Christian perspective. Of course, my own http://NudistPoet.com and http://NudeCreations.com will give you my exact perspective, since they are my sites ;-)

Nakedly yours (as usual),


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