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Maybe I'm wrong.
It's thoroughly possible.
But life is a series of taking chances.

This life is temporary
Along with my wisdom.
I'll take my risks within my fate,
Knowing God is in control.

No more wise than me,
You choose the wrong and right.
I'll take my chances in God's arena,
Not yours.
Wisdom rules His palace.
I've got a better chance with Him;
It's the only perfect chance to be found.

Christ died
At the hands of man's imperfect wisdom
That we might live forever
At the hands of God's perfect wisdom.

God sacrificed a part of Himself, His Son,
Because He loved every part of
You and me (corrupt in every way),
Seeing only our potential.

And succeeding in the future
Which has already come
In the form of a promise,
He perfects our corruption,
Destroying death,
Resurrecting us
Into the resurrection of Christ
As we arise to the right hand of God the Father
With God our Brother.

And God the Spirit
Breathes a sigh of relief --
No more poems about risks to inspire,
No more fools to nurture,
No more groanings which words cannot express.

God reconciled to His people;
The Dawn of Eternal Joy!

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