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Some of my weirdest and some of my most profound writings were inspired by dreams.

What a relief to wake up from tonight's dream and discover it was only a dream. My barbed tongue had ripped through someone's feelings and put a distance between us. My uninhibited openness is a gift and a danger. It's a Christmas present teetering on the edge of a cliff. Perhaps the dream was God's way of confirming his call on my life to be open and honest, while, at the same time, not letting myself fall prey to my own vanity. He reminded me, "You know you suffer from a tact deficiency, so think before you speak. And don't let your pride be a barrier from holding back your tongue when it wants to dance out words."

I'm also glad it was only a dream, because the cat that we were repeatedly trapping and popping full of pills, really did look the worse for wear. In fact, I don't think he made it.

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