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"VALENTINE'S DAY (Based on actual events)" ::: © JTK.CA

This poem was inspired by an interesting
moment in my life, on Valentine's Day 1991.

I was a walking courier in downtown Toronto,
doing a pick-up or delivery at Scotia Plaza,
the stylish brown skyscraper with the orange
Scotiabank logo at the top. As I entered the
lobby, before I reached the elevators, I saw
an attractive woman with a basket of treats.
As I walked past her, she wished me a Happy
Valentine's Day, as she handed me a chocolate
Valentine on a stick.

It was a gem of a moment that had to be captured
in poetry. Enjoy!

(Based on actual events)"

You gave me your heart.
I don't even know who you are.
You gave me your chocolate heart on a stick
Because it's Valentine's Day.

And I'll eat it so fast
'Cause I've been waiting so long,
Singing chocolate songs without tunes.
Maybe I'll sing one to you.

You gave me your heart,
Your heart on a string.
Then you pulled it away.
It's "just" Valentine's Day.

Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)

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