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Every second of every day
Someone dies

Every second of every day
A loved one cries
For the lover is gone

How do I fit in
How do I ease the pain
There's so much to lose Lord
But there's everything to gain

If I could walk one mile with You
It would soon be two
And then a lifetime
But I need Your hand
I'm just a child
I will not cross the street alone

So take my will and make it Yours
And we will stride together
Father and son
On our way home
Helping others along the way
Every second of every day

Time flies when you're Father and son*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* Tad's Note:
In the Bible, the term "sons of God" refers to ALL believers, whether they be men or women. So before you male chauvinist theologians get all sexist about being "sons" of God, just remember, God will have the last laugh on you. Read the end of the Book of Revelation, when all believers, women and men, become the "bride" of Christ.

I think it was my favourite preacher Charles Price ( http://LivingTruth.ca ) who pointed this out to me. It impacted me as powerfully as it probably just hit you.

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