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“Art on the Internet is Like Rodney Dangerfield​ … It Gets, ‘No Respect.’” by JTK.CA

“Art on the Internet is Like Rodney Dangerfield​ … It Gets, No Respect.” by http://JTK.CA

I’m constantly evaluating where the ideal spots in my images are for my http://JTK.CA logo and for the focal part of each image, since social media cover photos do a crappy cropping job on images. Even as a graphic designer, it’s a constant challenge, because various social media entities crappily crop my pictures differently than other entities. I hate it, and I love it; I’ve always been a nit-picker, and I love a challenge! And I have the same challenge for profile pictures, since more and more social media sites crop profile pics into circles. So, I generally create each profile picture as a perfect square and make sure that, when cropped into a circle, everything important remains in the image, since the four corners of the square will automatically be cropped out by twitter, flickr, and now, even facebook’s circle cropping. It was nice before the internet, when images were left alone, and not hacked to pieces as thumbnail images, profile photos, and cover photos. Art on the internet is like Rodney Dangerfield​ … it gets, “no respect.” — Jonathan Tad Ketchen​

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