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Finally, CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News has gone full screen 16:9, not floating in the middle of black space on four sides. Now to all the friends and businesses who have their aspect ratio set up wrong on your TV, turn to CP24, and finally fix your screen, because it’s gonna look REALLY strange to you if you don’t. It amazes me how the vast majority of businesses I walk into have their TV’s aspect ratio completely wrong and stretched or zoomed to totally defeat the purpose of having a widescreen TV. These are probably the same people who loved movies on VHS, thinking they were seeing the whole picture when they were only seeing the center and the rest of the image was way to the left and right of the old fashioned 4:3 TVs capabilities. And I’m sure the vast majority of you have no idea what I’m talking about, which is SO SAD.

Fox News and MSNBC, it’s finally time for you to go full screen 16:9, not floating in the middle of black space on four sides. And RT (RussiaToday), all you need to do is stop being idiots by broadcasting your 16:9 signal in 4:3 making all of your stupid anchors tall and skinny. I have to play with my aspect ratio controls just to watch you and then set them back to normal for most other broadcasters who actually know what they’re doing. And dont get me started on TLN (Telelatino Network), complete and utter aspect ratio morons. I can’t even figure out how to unscrew up your picture when I turn to your channel. Why don’t you hire someone who knows what they’re doing in your broadcast center? Your picture is so distorted, I fall off my chair.

4:3 is the same mathematically as 16:12. Maybe people would understand the difference between 4:3 and 16:9, if we called them 16:12 and 16:9. Then maybe I wouldn’t fly into these rages over everyones completely distorted TV settings.

And stop ruining Star Trek: The Original Series by broadcasting it in 16:9 when it was created in 4:3. Seinfeld has also been ruined by the same aspect ratio atrocity! Stop destroying shows by showing them in 16:9 when they were shot in 4:3. Would you hack the top and bottom off the Mona Lisa too?

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