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My nickname in high school was Arnold, but I don’t think it had anything to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I asked one of my classmates, who didn’t like me very much, why everyone was calling me Arnold. He responded, “Because you remind us of that little black kid on TV,” referring to Arnold on “Diff’rent Strokes,” played by Gary Coleman. It was the 1982-1983 school-year in grade 9. The next year, grade 10, I moved onto a “diff’rent” high school ;-) but I took the nickname Arnold with me and became really popular. One day, on the bus, a girl named Erin France asked me, “What, you’re name’s not Arnold? It’s Jonathan?” I thought that was hilarious.

From grade 3 through high school graduation, my genius brother Mike Ketchen and I were in the same grade. He caught up to me when he double-graded grades 2 & 3. I always felt kind of inferior to Mike, but I got over feeling inferior to him, in grade 10, when he became known as Arnold’s brother.

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