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"FACEBOOK just INCREASED their evil BODY HATRED. They've now even banned buttocks. Let's replace FACEBOOK with FACEBUTT. Facebook rule-makers are anti-human body bigots!" by JTK.CA

FACEBOOK just INCREASED their evil BODY HATRED. Now they’re banning buttocks too! Let’s start a new social network that celebrates the bodies that GOD created. Replace FACEBOOK by creating a new social network, FACEBUTT! The only places I feel free anymore are http://TWITTER.com/NudistPoet, http://NudeCreations.TUMBLR.com, http://ELLO.co/NudistPoet, and my sites, http://NudistPoet.com & http://NudeCreations.com. The rest of the SOCIAL NETWORKS will always hate the human body, unless we revolt and stop using them. TWITTER.COM, ELLO.CO, and TUMBLR.COM are about the only FREEDOM LOVING places on the internet. THE REST ARE ANTI-HUMAN BODY BIGOTS!

BLOGGER is somewhat acceptable in that they do allow Adult Content, but only if it is so designated. I use them for my http://NudeCreations.com website, grudgingly accepting the fact they place a Warning page regarding my adult content before you can see any of my nudes. My non-nude http://JTK.CA and http://TadCreations.com websites also use BLOGGER as their hosting, but since they’re non-nude, I’m not worried about them.

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