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Listen deep into the silence, as the music fades out. Listen to the details of what’s there and what isn’t. Listen past the point when others tune out and are onto the next song. Entering this silence is sacred, yet ignored by most. Watch deep into the curtain closing, as the movie fades out, way past the point when others get up and start milling around and heading out the door. So much richness they miss, including the closing music. So many details unseen. Thousands of names involved in making the work they just paid to view are completely ignored. And sometimes there’s a surprise moment tacked onto the end, which most of the audience will never see because they leave too early. Even some albums on CD have a hidden track at the end, after a long period of silence … long after most listeners eject the disc because they assume the album is over. I love those hidden gems. — © Tad (http://JTK.CA) @NudistPoet (http://NudeCreations.com) a.k.a. Jonathan Tad Ketchen

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