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“HIDDEN TO THE WORLD: (Photo & Poem)” by JTK.CA

“HIDDEN TO THE WORLD: (Photo & Poem)” by http://JTK.CA ::: © Tad (http://JTK.CA) NudistPoet (http://NudeCreations.com) a.k.a. Jonathan Tad Ketchen ::: http://TadCreations.com & http://NudistPoet.com ::: Guelph (pronounced “Gwelf”), Ontario, Canada, eh? ::: JTK.CA@JTK.CA ::: 519-­­830-4812 ::: http://NudeCreations.TUMBLR.com

I wrote this poem in the 1990’s. Yesterday, a couple of decades later, I shot this photo. I think they go perfectly together.

“HIDDEN TO THE WORLD: (Photo & Poem)” by http://JTK.CA

I feel a poem coming on,
And nothing else can fill my time
But composition of this song
And corresponding rhythm and rhyme.

I feel a poem in the room
Being knitted together as in a womb,
And nothing more could please this sage
Than threading words onto this page.

I feel a poem, hidden to the world,
Understood in my heart alone,
But growing till by the world it’s known
And I am in the poet’s throne…

Six feet deep.

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