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We’re just a world of happy hurters
Throwing daggers children’s way
It’s a popular game in town
Kill a Baby–Get a Crown
There’s no cost or obligation
So let’s destroy our nation
Children cry, so let’s erase ‘em
They’re just an inconvenience
Too much stress and aggravation
That I’m just not ready for
My life is just beginning 
I need a brand new start
So let’s tear the nuisance apart

I heard a baby’s silent scream
As Freedom began to tear at him
Now he’s dead
Now he’s dead
Get it through your murderin’ head
You just killed a human
So stop your fumin’ about your rights
You just turned out the lights on the image of God
And His revenge is bitter–so you’d better surrender
Or He’ll salt you with fire in Hell
All is not well in all these free countries
We’re not free at all
We’re slaves to the call of the Evil One
To whom we sacrifice all our inconveniences
So we can live a comfortable life
We’re afraid of growth

We kill our unborn children
And then wonder why we all die someday

© Tad (http://JTK.CA) NudistPoet (http://NudeCreations.com) a.k.a. Jonathan Tad Ketchen 

http://TadCreations.com & http://NudistPoet.com 
Guelph (pronounced “Gwelf”), Ontario, Canada, eh? 

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