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“EMM GRYNER Concert Photos” by JTK.CA a.k.a. NudistPoet.com

“EMM GRYNER Concert Photos” by JTK.CA a.k.a. NudistPoet.com

Guelph Youth Music Centre (gymc.ca) has a great theatre space, upstairs. I snapped these 3 photos at a phenomenal EMM GRYNER (EmmGryner.com) concert there. Doubly "phenomenal," as the word refers to both Emm and her concert.

I shot these photos several years ago, back when MySpace was the ubiquitous social network everyone was on. Even before the concert, I had been MySpace Friends with Emm Gryner and also MySpace Friends with RoryGrubb, who was her opening act that night. After his music set, I introduced myself to him as "NudistPoet" on MySpace. He immediately recognized my moniker. Later, during Emm Gryner's performance, she asked the audience, "Are any of you on MySpace? Because Rory just told me NudistPoet is here." Sitting front row centre, I immediately raised my hand, saying, "That's me." She laughed and asked, "You're always so open?" I said, "Yes, I like being the centre of attention." Then she said, "Well, thank you for wearing clothes."

To hear the amazing sonic soundscapes of Emm Gryner,
go to

A few of my favourites are:

Acid - from the album 'Public'
Blackwinged Bird - from the album 'Summer of High Hopes'
Symphonic - from the album 'Asianblue'
Empty Hole - from the album 'Goddess'

And when Bono, the lead singer of U2, was asked for five songs that he wished that he, himself, had written, he answered with one of his five choices being "Almighty Love" by Emm Gryner. It's on Emm's album 'Summer of High Hopes,' which I really enjoy having in my CD collection. I agree with Bono that Emm Gryner is definitely worth discovering!

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