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“SQUARE ME (July 2014 Profile Pic)” by JTK.CA

“SQUARE ME (July 2014 Profile Pic)” by JTK.CA

THE LABELLER is my current superhero alter ego. It’s spelled that way because I’m a CANADIAN superhero.

In the early 1980’s, at a junior high school costume dance, I dressed up as my other superhero alter ego named FLARP. Flarp wore a blue Adidas jogging suit with yellow stripes down the sides; a green bath towel for a cape; a neon orange hunting cap; and a toy machine gun with sound effects. Obviously (with the toy gun) it was a different era. I aimed my toy machine gun at three girls, shot them with the machine gun sound effect, and they proceeded to dance with me. FLARP was luckier with the ladies than I’ve ever been as myself.

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