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"UNTITLED (Dedicated to starving artists everywhere)" by JTK.CA

"UNTITLED (Dedicated to starving artists everywhere)" by JTK.CA

Fairy tales are always so real
When you’re lost in a world of ideas.
I never understood reality.
Fiction is so much more often true to life.
Reality is too often a crutch for the unimaginative.
So I went on living in another dimension.

Full of ideas, scenarios, the next step came naturally.
"Great minds think alike" and "Fools seldom differ,"
So I went ahead with my plan.
Nothing ever became of it, except in my own mind.
Someday the philosophers will dig it up.
Misinterpreting its meaning,
They’ll hail me as the world’s greatest genius.
But I’ll be dead.
Fairy tales are always so real,
But only when the writer is out of the picture.
Here, in the here and now, I mean nothing to the world.
Starving to death,
Opening up my heart,
Doors close to open my grave.

Someday the philosophers will dig up my memory,
Take my thoughts, hail them as the most brilliant light,
And leave me in my darkness, never to be told I mattered to them.
It’s much more fun to guess what I may have meant.
Death makes me more valuable.

In the meantime,
I go on living;
Hoping, knowing it’s hopeless;
Writing, knowing the pen will dry up and the paper will burn.

Someday I’ll be a collector’s item
And people will pay astronomically inflated prices
For works I never wanted anyone to see.

Tad “JTK.CA” NudistPoet
© Jonathan Tad Ketchen






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