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"More On Me...or is that Moron Me? ;oP" :::: © Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

"More On Me...or is that Moron Me? ;oP"
TAD is JTK.CA NudistPoet
Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen

I once had my "Religious Views" listed on my facebook profile as something like:

Unitarian Universalist Nudist Christian Disillsioned With Disorganized Religion.

Mom was Baptist, but married a Presbyterian pastor, so my two brothers and I grew up Presbyterian. I later went to a Christian Reformed church, but now I just self-label myself Nudist Christian and am no longer involved in any particular denomination. Though I don't "go to church" anymore, I really enjoy the preaching of Charles Price at LivingTruth.ca. As for my own Christian views, you'll find plenty of them on my JTK.CA, NudeCreations.com, NudistPoet.com, and TadCreations.com websites. And if I ever contradict myself, you need to understand that my postings are things I've created throughout my life, and they are not in chronological order. Like any other human, my views have changed over time, and will continue to change, as long as I breathe.


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