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I used to live in Duanesburg, New York, a beautiful countryside neighbourhood, surrounded by hilly terrain which is magnificent in autumn. Duanesburg is not far from Schenectady and Albany. Even if you don't see the name on your map, Duanesburg is easy to find. Downtown Duanesburg "is" the intersection of Routes 7 and 20. You can't miss Duanesburg's "one" set of stop lights.

Anyway, I had a friend in Duanesburg who was a skydiver...yes, a skydiver. Skydiving is big in Duanesburg. In the warmer months, I would often see people in parachutes plummeting toward earth. The skydiving club headquartered itself at Duanesburg's little airport. My skydiver friend told me once about Duanesburg's close encounters with Harrison Ford. She wished she had been there, at his visits, to meet him; but it's still a great story.

Besides being a superstar actor, Harrison Ford is also a pilot, and, as a pilot, he was at Duanesburg's small airport. He ate at a restaurant in Duanesburg called "Jonathan's Pizza"--no relation to me, but still a nice name. Anyway, a year later he arrived back at the Duanesburg Airport and ate, once again, at Jonathan's Pizza. When he went into the restaurant, he noticed something very strange. They had mounted his plate and eating utensils from his last visit onto their wall. His response was to ask if there were anywhere else in town that he could eat.


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