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"My plans went sideways. Well; there's always innovation." :::: © Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

"My plans went sideways. Well; there's always innovation."
TAD is JTK.CA NudistPoet
Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen

I groomed by beard to look good. Next, the plan was to take a shower before going to my cousin's 40th wedding anniversary party, but the shower was squealing. So I adjusted my plans, and went to the party, with the intent of doing laundry and taking a bath when I got home. The party was great. I shot 126 pictures and shot one movie of an inch-worm inching along for ten minutes. I got back home, did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and took a bath. What came over me?! I'm uber-proud of myself! For once, I used my OCD to my advantage. Activities of daily living are usually really difficult for me, with my OCD. But over the past day, I've kicked OCD's ass! :-) ♥ :-) ♥ I'LL PROBABLY BE A ZOMBIE TOMORROW. ;-P


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