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"EYE IN THE SKY" :::: © Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

© Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet

In mid-October 2010, I aimed my camera at a bright star near Earth's moon. I zoomed in on the star which turned out to be a planet. I believe the pupil of this eye in the sky is actually one of Mars's moons transiting in front of Mars. Either that, or it's the Eye of God Nebula (which really does exist). From other photos I took though, I think I saw a full red Mars earlier, and then the Martian moon beginning its transit, followed by this image with the Martian moon directly in front of Mars. Or perhaps the different zoom levels of my camera caused the illusion of the moon moving. I know that light can bend itself over the vast reaches of space, causing optical illusions. Whatever. I'm obviously a beginner when it comes to astronomy.


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