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"A Tad of Tad: GLOSSY IS EVIL" :::: © JTK.CA

"A Tad of Tad: GLOSSY IS EVIL" :::: © JTK.CA

1. I loathe glossy screens and glossy bodies & frames on TVs, laptops, monitors, etc. If I wanted to see my reflection, I'd use a mirror! Give me matte (a.k.a. anti-glare) screens, bodies, and frames!

2. I have poor binocularity, which means my brain cannot fuse the two slightly different angles of view from my eyes into one 3-dimensional image. As a result, my two eyes constantly battle back and forth over the two viewing angles of both eyes. I'm used to it, so I only notice it when something is close to me and something further away is behind it. Then the two eyes see two very different angles and the two perspectives bounce back and forth between each other wildly. I think that's why I'm addicted to the computer screen and the TV. I only have to deal with 2-dimensional images. Screw the new 3-D TVs; they're not for me.

3. I am a chronic over-explainer. For proof, see the previous entry ;-)

4. I am the last person you would expect to be an exhibitionist on my http://NudeCreations.com website. In high school, I was the exact opposite. In gym class, I had special permission to not shower after gym class because I did not want to be naked with the other students. My, how things have changed. Now I'm Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet :-)

5. When I was young I thought that when you went on a trip, you packed your clothes in a "soup case".

6. One day in my 20's, it suddenly dawned on me why a windshield is called a windshield. Duh! I'm a little slow.

7. In the early 1980's, at a junior high school costume dance, I dressed up as my superhero alter ego named FLARP. Flarp wore a blue Adidas jogging suit with yellow stripes down the sides; a green bath towel for a cape; an orange hunting cap; and a toy machine gun with sound effects. Obviously (with the toy gun) it was a different era. I aimed my toy machine gun at three girls, shot them with the machine gun sound effect, and they proceeded to dance with me. FLARP was luckier with the ladies than I've ever been as myself.

8. JONATHAN TAD KETCHEN. I grew up as Jonathan. I didn't start going by Tad, my middle name, until college, when one of my roommates hooked onto my middle name and kept calling me Tad-Man and Tadster. My middle name, Tad, spread across campus like wildfire, and I've been Tad ever since. However, my family still calls me Jonathan, and I went by Jonathan at most of my jobs, before I retired.

9. The power went out as I was about to type this #9, so, thank God I was composing in "blogger" which auto saves every minute or so!

10. I am totally unpredictable. Even I don't know what I'll do next.

11. I hate brushing my teeth before going to bed because it wakes me up.

12. When I was a puritan, I thought I was addicted to porn. Now, I realize, I'm not addicted. I just like it.

13. I "am" addicted to Diet Pepsi; I once sold my camera so I could buy more.

14. My greatest talent is that I once cut myself on glue. Yes, I cut myself on glue. I was working at McDonald's and the soda pop syrup comes in cardboard boxes. I was breaking down one of these cardboard boxes so I could flatten it for the cardboard recycling bin. The box was held together by strips of glue that were like the lines of icing that come out of those cake decorating icing nozzles. Anyway, while breaking down the cardboard, I cut myself on the strip of glue. Cutting myself on glue -- now, "that" takes talent! ;-)

15. My current digital camera captures the full moon at a diameter of 140 pixels, so I'm drooling over a camera that I calculate would capture the moon at 1,105 pixels diameter, too big to even fit on a "FULL HD" HDTV. Practicing saving money for it; not doing very well :-(

16. I do MOON photography . . . BOTH kinds . . . http://bit.ly/LunarPhotography (the moon in the sky) AND http://NudeCreations.com (mostly my own nude self-portrait photos plus a few of my photos of my nudist friends)

17. My middle name, Tad, is Japanese in origin. I was named after Tadataka, one of my dad's best friends from seminary days. Dad is a retired pastor. Mom & Dad called me Jonathan Tad Ketchen, but Mom says, if she had known I would become the artist and poet that I've become, she would have named me Jonathan Tadataka Ketchen ;-)

18. I introduce myself by saying, "My name is Tad (as in Tadpole)." I do this to avoid having people respond, "Hi Todd!" or "Hi Ted". I like my name Tad because it can't be shortened. I hate it when Jonathan gets shortened to Jon because I'm afraid people would spell it John, which would be wrong.

19. I'm 42 and have never had a girlfriend. Not for lack of trying.

20. Since 2004 (age 36), I've been retired on Disabilty pensions for my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). My bosses were always thrilled by the astounding quality of my work, but rather miffed at the paltry quantity. To do anything, I take an average of three times longer than a "normal" person.

21. I've always wanted to marry; but I do NOT want children. I have enough trouble taking care of my inner child.

22. THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT rules my world. I am also totally addicted to SUZANNE VEGA and am a voracious collector of THE CURE.

23. "THE NUMBER 23" is one of my favourite movies! It's an amazing numerological thriller!

24. The only movies I've seen TWENTY or more times are "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A New Hope" and "TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY". If I pass the twenty mark on any other movies, I won't know, because I no longer obsess over how many times I've seen a movie. That obsession has been replaced, I'm sure, by other obsessions.

25. The four sectors of Tad's brain are http://JTK.CA , http://NudistPoet.com , http://TadCreations.com , and http://NudeCreations.com

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