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My eighth grade teacher Mrs. E. Moulins got me to fall head-over-heels in love with English grammar, as opposed to some teachers today who get you to fall head-over-heels in love with them. That was the last year of my Canadian schooling, in Nova Scotia. Then we moved to upstate New York, where I could definitely feel the advantages of my previous Canadian education, especially when it came to English grammar.

In grade twelve, in English class, I took and aced a test which exempted me from having to take the grammar portion of the English curriculum. In place of it, I did an independent project, writing poetry. That was the 1985-1986 school year. It was a small Christian school, and I graduated number three in a class of fifteen. Across all subjects, I think my GPA for the year was 87%.

While in college, in 1989, I decided to compile a book of my ten best poems. I'd written about thirty, up to that point. Self-publishing that photocopied, very thin book of poems was when I started taking poetry seriously. Over the years I've self-published several other books and booklets of my poems, selling some, but giving most away to family and friends and strangers on the street.

In 1995, I compiled every poem I had ever written into a binder-full of 482 poems, called "MEMORIES OF TOMORROW", and gave several away to family and friends, partly as a way of protecting my work, in case I ever lost my originals. Soon after, I did a thin follow-up book of 38 poems, called "PREDICTIONS OF YESTERDAY" ;-)

So my last official count of ALL my poems was 520, but I figure I surpassed the 700-mark long ago, so now I just say I've written several hundred poems.

About all I print anymore is business cards for my website
where I share all of my creative adventures, or, at least, all that I've posted, so far. I've got vast, personal archives to choose from, so there's plenty more to come at
my four official sectors of my brain.


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