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Miss Sarah Elsie Mayer was an elderly retired nurse who lived with us in Coxheath (Sydney), Nova Scotia, Canada, for five years, when I was a kid.

When Miss Mayer was still a nurse, she had a dream one night about a very specific and rare complication in childbirth. She woke up, looked for and found medical literature on the problem. Later on, while she was helping a woman give birth, this exact complication took place, and she knew exactly what to do, saving both the baby and mother.

Miss Mayer delivered around one thousand babies and never lost one. She worked in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Newfoundland.

My parents now live in a condo tower in Guelph (pronounced "Gwelf"), Ontario, Canada. In their building, Dad once talked to a couple who used to live in Newfoundland. He mentioned Miss Mayer, and they responded, "Oh, yeah! She's famous!"


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