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"From iPod to iPad" ::: © JTK.CA

"From iPod to iPad" ::: © JTK.CA


The tech specs on Apple's newest invention, the iPad (not the iPod), say its display has a "Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating". I'll have to go to the Apple Store in Toronto to see for myself, once it's available for purchase. The specs also say the iPad screen is glossy. Ick! I really wish Apple would offer an Antiglare Option on ALL of their products, not just their most expensive laptops. I loathe glossy displays! If I want to see my reflection, I'll use a mirror! I want an antiglare (matte) finish on all my tech's displays and bodies; I find reflection-free stuff in the stores once in a while, but not often.

I really think iPad was a stupid name choice, as o's and a's look very similar in some fonts. iPad and iPod are too close to sounding and looking alike, as words. Illiteracy is rampant on the internet. Apple really should have been more considerate of people who can't spell or speak properly.



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