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Everything's clear,
Perception is pixelated.
I see you in high rez.
But don't let me zoom in on you too closely,
Or you'll turn into a block-head.

I've been at the Mac too long;
I see in pixels.
You're 175 lines per inch,
Perfect for an art magazine.
You are beautiful.

I used to see you in dot matrix
And thought you had absolutely no character.
But my Digi-Tech eyes have been upgraded,
And now you print out on my psyche crisply and clearly.

I used to see you in analog.
It had its advantages,
But I saw all the flaws
That now fall between the pixels
When translated into the crisper, clearer
Digital vistas of your soul.

If you think this is a cheap attempt at
You're right!

But don't zoom in on me too closely,
Or I'll turn into a block-head.

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