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In a family photo album, my 7th Birthday party reveals, most of my best friends have always been girls. I had 5 guests at my party; 4 of them were girls. That's 80% of my best friends being girls, which, I think has always been the case. Even though I'm a guy, I relate to girls a lot better. I'm not into sports, I love the shopping mall, and I'm a creative artist and poet who is a hopeless romantic.

80% of my best friends are girls, but I've never had a girlfriend. I've tried, more times than I can count, but they've always wanted to be "just friends." However, I am blessed by the fact that many actually meant it and remain good friends. I've come to the point in my life, in which I'm content with singlehood, although I'd welcome a relationship. The bright side to singlehood is it has a lot of freedom. I prefer to go with the flow a.k.a. live life by the seat of my pants ( ironic, since I'm a nudist ;-). I hate obligations, and a relationship is a big obligation. I'd still love to have a relationship, though. But I'm just as happy if I don't.

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