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I found an unwanted, orange, glass mushroom sculpture tonight. I'm keeping it as a memorial to my late History Prof. Dean Kohlhoff who collected mushroom sculptures.

Dean Kohlhoff was my history professor and my good friend, while I studied at Valparaiso University (http://www.valpo.edu), in Indiana. I would often pop into his office unannounced, and we would sit and chat. He was a really wonderful friend to me. His office desk was covered with mushrooms sculpted out of various materials. It was so funny; he had to use the little slide-out trays on his desk to work on, since the mushrooms filled the main part of his desk. He was also an expert on the history of nuclear weaponry testing on Alaska's Aleutian Islands. He wrote a couple of books about the Aleut people and nuclear testing on the island chain. He told me he rode his motorcycle from Valparaiso, Indiana, to Alaska. Such a cool guy! Unfortunately, he died of cancer after I studied with him. I really hope I meet him again in heaven! I thank God for letting me know him, even if only for a few years.

Dean Kohlhoff's first book on Alaska was:
"WHEN THE WIND WAS A RIVER: Aleut Evacuation in World War II"

& (http://www.ubcpress.ubc.ca/search/title_book.asp?BookID=3115)
was Prof. Kohlhoff's second book. It was published posthumously.

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TAD'S NOTE: In writing my little essay, it FINALLY struck me -- why Prof. Kohlhoff probably collected mushrooms. I mean, he was an expert on nuclear weaponry testing. Like, mushroom cloud. Like, Duh! It only took me around a decade and a half for it to hit me. I'm slow, REALLY slow ;-)

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