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"MY DAD, MY HERO (To The Rev. David R. Ketchen)" ::: © JTK.CA

My 2010 portrait of Dad & Mom (The Rev. David R. Ketchen & Evelyn M. Ketchen)

"MY DAD, MY HERO (To The Rev. David R. Ketchen)" ::: © JTK.CA

Dad is The Rev. David R. Ketchen, retired
Presbyterian pastor. I've grown up with a dad
who has pastored churches in Manitoba, Ontario,
Nova Scotia, New York State, and Indiana.
That's why when I get homesick, I don't know where
to go. ;-)

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At the end of Fall 1989, my last semester at
Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia (U.S.A.),
Dad showed his love in a way I will never forget. Although
my two years at Covenant were, spiritually and
friendship-wise, a mountaintop experience, my
academic performance needed Federal Disaster
Relief. I was on the phone with my parents,
telling them that even though it was way past the
deadline for withdrawing from my courses, I was
seriously considering quitting and coming home.
I didn't know what to do. I was at a loss as to
where my life was headed or if I'd ever get control
of it. To my amazement, Dad, who was pastoring in upstate
New York, asked, "Would it help if I came down
and helped you through your last week of classes?"
I broke down into tears. I couldn't believe what
I was hearing. And that's exactly what he did. He
drove south, 960 miles (including the final, perilous
drive up Lookout Mountain, which he always dreaded),
typed my papers for me, and was there for my encouragement
in my time of need. A couple of decades later, when
reminiscing with him about it, he said, "I also typed
papers for other students on your residence hall floor."
That was news to me; so I guess he was a hero to more
than just me during that week.

I have dedicated this poem to him:

"MY DAD, MY HERO (To The Rev. David R. Ketchen)"

When I was feeling down,
You picked me up.
When I was dry with thirst,
You filled my cup.
When I was on my mountaintop,
In the depths of my despair...
In all these times and always,
You've been there.

You drove a thousand miles
Just to hold my hand,
And to help me sweep the shards
Of my shattered plans.
Without an ounce of judgment
Nor a bill for the repairs,
In all these times and always,
You've been there.

So many people search the world for everything,
But I've got a dad who loves me more than anything.

If God blesses me with children,
I'll have big shoes to fill.
But I can't see the future past my window sill.
For now I'm simply glad
To call you "Dad."

Tad "JTK.CA" NudistPoet
© Jonathan Tad Ketchen
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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