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I am a provocateur,
A Nudist Christian --
Unwelcome among Christians for being a Nudist,
And unwelcome among Nudists for my lack of erectile dysfunction.

When unable to win or lose;
Simply, you must choose.
There may be no score at all.
Just be who you are,
Because you'll never please everyone,
No matter who you are,
No matter what you believe,
No matter what you do.
God has only called you to be you!

I am a provocateur,
A conundrum
In a cornucopia of clouds.

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When it came to translating thoughts to my computer keyboard, it took me 12 minutes to write this poem, including answering an unrelated one or two minute phone call in the middle.

There you go, trivia seekers! ;-) Something tells me, this won't make it into "Trivial Pursuit" or "Jeopardy!"

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