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Valparaiso University ( http://www.valpo.edu ) is my alma mater. I graduated from VU in December 1995 with my Bachelor of Arts. I majored in ART (with a GRAPHIC DESIGN concentration), and my individualized minor was THEATRE AND DANCE. Naturally, all this led to several janitorial jobs.

One unfriendly companion in my work life was my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). My bosses were always amazed at the incredible quality of my work, while, at the same time, rather miffed at my work's paltry quantity. Eventually I got tired of losing jobs due to my OCD, so I applied for and got my federal (Canada) and provincial (Ontario) Disability pensions. Yes, I managed to retire at age 36. I'm 41 now, and still happily retired. My parents live just down the road from me, and I eat supper with them most nights. The free feedings help a lot with my limited budget. Otherwise, my life revolves around http://JTK.CA my official website. I am JTK.CA and JTK.CA is me. Actually, I suppose technically it would be "JTK.CA is I," but I'll let it slide, since I already have plenty of perfectionism in my life.

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