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Stream of consciousness is a form of writing exercise in which you just let the words flow, without judgement. Just sort of throw them all against the wall and see how they pile up. It's also part of the way my brain works creatively. I'm good at making myself laugh. I talk to myself this way when I'm alone. It's an anxiety release. If I'm ever out and about town though, I whisper my craziness to myself, to avoid being carried away in a straight jacket ;-)

Mom has often said to me, "You could always entertain yourself!"


I would very much like to freeze the contents of this elbow hockey, but I'm unable to find the dimple switch. Frost is crunchy in milk, and so are squirrels. Fly me to the moon with a brigadoon delly apply sauce. Family matters in a family, and spoons go next to knives. Frosted tweezer dumpling shenanigans have found me in the middle of the road.

Elk mechanics unite or untie, as the case may be. I've got a lovely lemon lollipop in the beat stew of brain candy. I'm flairing and flaming upon the ebulient crusty tater-tots. Free willy, and Hillary, and Chelsea, and Monica, and the voices in my head. Drop dead Fred was a weird and funny movie, especially lame, when the boom microphone dipped into the top of the frame.

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