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I have decided to be content with my insecurity,
Happy with uncertainty.
Such are the rights of life--
Pleasure and pain cohabit,
Making us alive,
Making us human,
Making us true to reality.

Reality supersedes us.
My understanding changes nothing.
God was before I am, yet in his heart
I will always be,
For I am his dream--
Not some fantasy of perfection,
But a complex, dance of destiny,
A high-speed chase of love.

I am God's poem,
And these words I type
Are a mere muddied reflection
Of how he sees me.

The world says God is dead.
The world is almost right--
They just have the tense wrong.
The truth is
God "was" dead
For you and me on a cross of shame.
For you and me
He traded his life
For "our" destiny.
That's true love.
And true love conquers all--even death.

He rose again in glory,
Conquering death once for all.
A pure, free gift of love
Offered to every breathing human being.
Accept the gift or deny it,
Because God will never let you buy it.
He bought it for you
With his own blood.

To us, death "was" a wall,
A finality.
Through Christ's sacrifice,
He has turned death from a wall into a door.
He is "the way, the truth...the life,"
The only way to the Father.*

Our future rests in Jesus,
And so do we.

Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
*John 14:6

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