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I just copied, pasted, and modified this info snippet from my http://NudistPoet.com website, as an answer to anyone who has questions about why I call myself a Nudist Christian:

This is http://NudistPoet.com -- an official website of NudistPoet JONATHAN TAD KETCHEN (JTK.CA); Tad's other official sites are http://TadCreations.com , http://JTK.CA , and http://NudeCreations.com . Think of these four sites as four different doors to the same house. It's all Tad; just think of the four domain names as Tad's four moods. If you're confused, don't worry; Tad was first ;-)

Tad (JTK.CA) is a Nudist Christian. He highly recommends http://ClothesFree.com as being the best nudist site on the internet, and he finds it the most in harmony with his Nudist Christian faith.

Tad is not the only Nudist Christian in the world. There are more of them at http://Naturist-Christians.org which has an excellent link to "Supporting Scriptures" and references relating to nudity in the Bible. You may also read Tad's "SCAPEGOATS" essay -- http://tr.im/scapegoats -- regarding Isaiah 20, in which the prophet obeyed God by prophesying naked for three straight years.

Tad says, "My nudist views are my own and not necessarily the views of any nudist/naturist groups to which I belong. The entryways to my http://NudistPoet.com and http://NudeCreations.com sites are even marked 18+, simply because some nudists have issues with some of my views and with some of my photography. Some of my photos are fine with most nudists, but I'm also an artist, and some of my nudes are not necessarily nudist nudes and may be controversial. Rather than trying to distinguish where the line is drawn, I've simply marked both of my nude sites, http://NudistPoet.com and http://NudeCreations.com , as 18+. To avoid my nudes (only 1% of my work), visit my http://JTK.CA and http://TadCreations.com sites for my general ("safe," non-nude) creations, 99% of my work."

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